When Wolverine wants a photoshoot…

…you kinda have to oblige.  My buddy fully grew out the Wolverine-whiskers for a Halloween party last fall so before the whiskers went, we had some fun.  Maybe not too fun considering it was 8 degrees outside, not accounting for the wind-tunnel of a location.  Next year we’ll get the whole X-Men cast and then we’ll take it to L.A. or Florida…Cancun maybe? 

High fashion maternity shots…almost…just need the hair fan

Way back just before Valentine’s day this year, I had a chance snap fun photos of my friend and mom-to-soon-be.  No preparations, just a quick shoot for proof-of-belly. Happy to report that baby is doing superb. And quite possibly the funniest, most bouncy baby boy ever.

LOVAS Wesley Badanjak SS2011 @ Montréal fashion week

LOVAS on the runway at Montréal fashion week late September 2010…yup…awesome. Nine West shoes and Rita Tesolin‘s original jewellery creations completed the spring/summer looks.  A gem of a city, super-great fashion week staff…everything was just…superbe! A couple of days there reminded me to brush up on my French, yet I surprised myself with what came back!  For all you foodies out there…dessert heaven at Juliette & Chocolat, all you can eat sushi at Sushi Crescent on Crescent St., Montréal style pub fare at Taverne Dominion, and the best tapas I’ve had outside of Barcelona at Santos.  Get ready Toronto! Oct19th!