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Hottest engagement party ever!

You could just frame them!

This regular Friday night became super-special with a celebration of love.  A serious local heat wave set the outdoors temp to “sauna”.  It was 29C according to a thermometer but with humidity it felt like 43C.  43!!!!  It made no difference.  So much fun-fun, loud laughter, great music, yum food; everyone was so smiley happy […]

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Y & R by the sea

Y & R

Shot down by the ocean lake, Y & R (yup…like the soap!) wanted to incorporate water into their engagement photos.  I had shot there not long before this day (as you can probably tell by the header image above…until it gets updated!) and thought it would be a great place to have the couple looking […]

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Welcome to!

Over looking Rakovica's lush landscape with an awesome sky.

Hi! So after years of photographic moments (and many “where can I see your photos?” moments), this is now my place to put it all…or perhaps just the good stuff.  I’m sure there will be many changes as I get adjusted to posting new items so bear with me as I get to learn the […]

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