The Stills @ The Distillery

Creative director of LOVAS and my favourite sibling Wesley asked me to join him for a free concert series sponsored by Lexus and their new hybrid, the CT 200h.  I can appreciate a good looking car when I see one, and this is definitely a hot looking machine.  I can be critical of toys in cars however when a tech specialist on hand mentioned the trackball for using the on board screen…WIN.  A mouse in a car is a good thing. Final note…hatchbacks are awesome.  The off to The Boiler House in the District, chilled out, got to meet menswear designer Philip Sparks, chowed on some foody in bite sized portions, chatted with Michelle Reagan, and got to hang with my bro.

The Stills were on that night, headlining the weekend concert series which included Lily Frost, The Paper Lions and The Midway State.  Hard to explain how great they sounded, so look at some pics I got to snap from the front row…they were awesome in case you weren’t sure.